These ~Double H Men’s 3282 Western 12 Inch Pull-On Cowboy Work Boots are constructed for the working person. That is why they feature exceptional durability, comfort and style.

This premium footwear is manufactured from Sahara Range Docker full-grain leather with leather lining, a 1 5/8th inches heel height. These uppers naturally resist the wear and tear of the workday, making these boots exceptionally durable. In addition these boots feature removable DRYZ insoles to keep that moisture locked away from your feet. That way you can stay cool and comfortable all day long.

In addition, these men’s boots feature the AG7 Air Thrust heels and outsoles, which means it has superior resistance to oil, excellent slip-resistance, and they’re long-lasting. Their 920/902 R toes give plenty of space to your toes, while still providing a great fit. These leather shoes will also give you long-lasting comfort along with durability. They are manufactured in a wide range of sizes, so you’ll be sure to find a size that will fit almost any type of feet, whether they’re narrow or all the way out to a triple E.

Best of all, these~ Double-H Men’s 3282 Western 12 Inch Pull-On Cowboy Brown Boots are American-made. These pull-on boots are the ultimate proof that America still knows how to get it done.

Boot Sizes

7.5D, 8.5EE, 9D, 9EE, 10.5EE, 11EE, 12EE, 12D, 13D


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