The insulated boot you can always call on to get the job done. Inspired by Servus 1963 Burly boot, the Insulated 2-Buckle is a similar, do-it-all rubber boot that you can depend on. Made from proven ZXT Rubber and built to open wide for easy on and off with adjustable buckles for a customized fit around the calf. This is the boot you can call on to get the job done. Revolutionary ankle fit ensures a secure and comfortable fit around your ankles, while gripping the top of your foot and locking your heel in place. Fully vulcanized Trac-Lite outsole is extra durable and ensures that it won’t ever separate. A 90-degree heel and versatile, gripping lug pattern provide traction wherever you tread. Built with more natural rubber than most other boots, Servus hand-laid rubber remains durable and waterproof year after year. ZXT rubber is specially formulated to be ozone and tear resistant for added protection.

Men's Sizes



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